Issues 21-23

The Heinlein Journal

Issue No. 21 (July 2007 issued Spring 2010) (44 pp.)

Letters: The Editor, Ron Harrison, David Wright, Sr., Ed Wysocki.
Patrick Shepherd: “Elements of The Heinlein Voice.”
Tim Morgan: “A visit to 8777 Lookout Mountain Avenue”
Papers: David Wright, Sr.: “Rational Anarchy: An Analysis of the theme given by Professor Bernardo de la Paz in Robert A. Heinlein’s “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”
Special Presentation: Papers given at the 2008 Joint Annual Conference of the Popular Culture Association and American Cultural Association (San Francisco, California):
Robert Gorsch: “Heinlein and the Golden Age of Radio”
Linnea Jackson: “Why No Utopia?”
Herb Gilliland: “Heinlein’s Universe at the Naval Academy”
Christopher Bertucci: “Martian Humanity: Hybridity in Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger In A Strange Land”
Bill Patterson: World as (Literary)
Special Presentation: Eric Picholle and Ugo Bellagambia Forward and Chapter 21 of Solutions Nonfaisantes (translated into English by Philippe Paine)
“Heinlein Prize Awarded”
Abstracts & Critiques: The Robert A. Heinlein Special Issue of Firsts: The Book Collector’s Magazine. Biography and “Collecting Robert A. Heinlein” by Bill Patterson; “An Annotated Checklist of the Primary First Editions” by the editors of Firsts.

Issue No. 22 (January 2008 issued January 2011) (56 pp.)

Letters: Robert Gorsch
Notes: George Carlisle: “Destination Moon Sites.”
Bill Mullins: “Destination Dead Sea Google.”
Kate Gladstone: “Who Is Like Michael?”
Special Presentation: The Robert A. Heinlein Centennial – Program Schedule and Narrative Comments and Overview by Rosie P., Jack Kelly, Peter Scott, Lina Black, James D. Gifford, Tim Kyger, Bill Patterson, Robert James, and Audrey Gifford.
“NASA Administrator Mike Griffin at the Heinlein Centennial”
Papers: David Wright. Sr. “A revised Transcript of Robert A. Heinlein’s 1941 Guest of Honor Speech”
Abstracts & Critiques: Bill Patterson on The Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Souvenir Book

Issue No. 23  (July 2008 issued July 2013) (48 pp.)

Notes: From the Editor: Quo Vadis
Forrest Carr: “In Search of Robert A. Heinlein”
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D.: “Laning and Starship Troopers
Anonymous by Request: A Recollection of Heinlein in 1958
Bill Patterson: “This is how a Man Lives: Swope Park in 1912 – Not So Much”
Heinlein at the Baen Bar
Space Commercialization Award
U.S.N.A. Heinlein Chair
Graphic Novel Project
THe Heinlein Calendar 2013
Tim Morgan: “Starship Troopers’ Dedication”
Papers: John H. Seltzer, PE “Mary Collin: A Woman Robert Never Forgot”
Bill Patterson. “The Role of Robert Heinlein in the Theorization of Science Fiction”
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D. “No Sympathy for ‘Sympathy for the Devil'”
Bill Patterson. “The Heinlein Century: An Introduction to a Collection that Never Was”
Special Presentation: Heinlein As Character
I John H. Seltzer: “The Resurrection Project”
II Jerry Jewett: “Heaven’s Fugitive: a Review of J. Neal Schulman’s Escape From Heaven” (2002)
III John H.Seltzer: “The Resurrection Project miscellanea: Writings About Heinleinia (Rather than About Heinlein)”
Abstracts & Critiques
Project Moonbase and Others, volume 1 of a projected two volumes of Heinlein’s screenplays reviewed by Bill Patterson
“The Making of a Libertarian” by William Allen Ritch, a review of Robert A. Heinlein In Dialouge With His Century: Learning Curve
The Great Heinlein Mystery 
by Edward Wysocki, Ph.D., reviewed by Bill Higgins