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The Heinlein Journal

The Heinlein Society is pleased to announce that The Heinlein Journal was rejuvenated in Fall 2019. The Journal went on hiatus when its editor, William H. Patterson, Jr., was writing the Heinlein biography and suffered a great loss when ‘Bill’ died unexpected. The Heinlein Society was granted the rights to the past issues and to produce new issues.

Volume 2, Issue 3 (Winter 2020) (32 pp.)

Featured Papers

Michael Farinola:
“To live and die gallantly: An analysis of “The Year of the Jackpot”

Kendall Blanchard:
“An anthropologist reads Robert Heinlein”

C. Herbert Gilliland:
“Upton Sinclair and the Naval Academy”

John Seltzer:
“Virginia Perdue: Little-known member of the Mañana Society”

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Summer 2020) (28 pp.)

Featured Papers

David Brin:
“Remembered for His Ruminations: Robert Heinlein and the Genetic Human-Engineering Speculations in Beyond This Horizon”

BE Allat:
“Questioning Mononormativity: Heinleinian Non-Monogamies”

Greg Benford:
“Heinlein: End of the Road”
“Isaac From the Outside”

Letters – Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D.: “Gravity Gauge”

Volume 2, Issue 1 (Fall 2019) (43 pp.)

Featured Papers

Alec Nevala-Lee:
“The Moon is a Harsh Fortress: Campbell, Hubbard, Heinlein, and the Gravity Gauge”

Farah Mendlesohn:

Farah Mendlesohn:

Emerging Scholars:

Josh Kimbler: “Teens in Trouble: Comparing and Contrasting Tunnel in the Sky and Parable of the Sower”