Issue No. 16 January 2005 40 pages


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Alexei Panshin “Regarding ‘A Study of “Blowups Happen”‘”
Edward Wysocki, Ph.D. “Corrections to a Correction”
Bill Patterson, ed. “A Fourth Version of the Forrestal Lecture”
Bill Mullins. “Heinlein in Other Archives”
Mike Cassutt: “Encountering the Heinleins”
Lisa Edmonds: “Have Paper –Will Travel: Thirteen Heinlein Panelists Descend on San Diego”
Robert James, Ph.D. “Edison and Tesla: A Suggested Solution”
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D. “Heinlein’s Mechanical Computers”
David Silver: “Blame It All On H. Bruce Franklin: A Sketch of the Motivation Behind the Final ‘World As Myth’ Novels of Robert A. Heinlein.” Part 1 — Introduction
Special Feature: Papers Presented at the 2004 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas
Chris Leslie: “Robert Heinlein’s Challenge to the Bureaucratic States: The Speculative Potential of Sixth Column, “If This Goes On–,” The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Citizen of the Galaxy, and Friday
Oscar de los Santos: “Conspiracy, Paranoia, Alien Abductions and the Alien Takeover Plot Before and After Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters
Kyle S. Bozeman: “The Heinlein Juvenile Novels: A Feminist Perspective
Lisa Edmonds: “Sex and Other Metaphors: Heinlein Redefines Beauvoir’s Myth of Woman with His Vision of the Eternal Feminine”


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