Issue No. 19 July 2006 52 pages


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“A Conversation About Heinlein and Periods” — Alexei Panshin and Bill Patterson
Dan Henderson: “Echo of History”
Ron Garmon: “First Junta in Space” (with marginal commentary by Brad Linaweaver, Bill Ritch, Victor Koman, James Gifford and the Editor)
“Heinlein 101” Panel Presentation at the 2005 Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Diego, California (plus Question-and-answer Period). Participants: Lisa Edmonds (d’Amico), Bill Patterson, Dave Landry, Rachel Luckman (McGrath-Kerr), and Chris Leslie.
Bill Patterson: “I Want My RAH-TV”
Bill Patterson: “A Reader Reaction to Heinlein’s Children
David S. Wright: “Rebutting Joseph T. Major’s View of General Semantics in Heinlein’s Children


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