Issue No. 20 January 2007 64 pages


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“Masonic References in Stranger.”– Dale Dietzman, with commentary by Ron Harrison; “SF TV in the 1950’s” — Tim Kyger; “More Conversation: On the Meaning of Periods” — Michael Cassutt; “A Correction” — Anonymous by Request; “More on Periods in Heinlein” — Tim Kyger; “Another Conversation — A Further Look at I Will Fear No Evil” — Charles Martin; “Reader Reaction Erratum” — Bill Patterson
Bill Mullins: “Biographical Notes on Robert Heinlein and His Family and Associates”
Bill Patterson: “Leon Eugene Stover, Ph.D., Litt. D. — 1929-2006”
Special Presentation: Proceedings of the Heinlein Studies Area at the 2006 PCA/ACA Annual Meeting — Lisa Edmonds D’Amico, Area Head.
Chris Leslie: “Space Cadets and Interstellar Citizens”
Lisa N. Edmonds D’Amico: “‘I suggest you may be human’” Identity in Select Works of Frank Herbert and Robert A. Heinlein”
Pete McCluskey: “The Game’s Afoot: Heinlein and Holmes”
“Heinlein and the Golden Age.” Roundtable moderated by Bill Patterson
C. Herbert Gilliland: “Metaphor in Robert Heinlein’s Starman Jones
Greg Stone: “From Mortal to Immortal: The Implications of Longevity and Time Travel Resolved in the World As Myth”
Bill Patterson: “One Diachronic Conversation in the Odd Genre”
Papers and Other Features:
Bill Patterson reviews Spider Robinson’s Variable Star
Abstracts & Critiques:
By David C. Wright. Four Heinlein papers in the Summer 2006 issue of Foundation


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