Issue No. 23 July 2008 – issued July 2013 – 48 pages


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Notes: From the Editor: Quo Vadis
Forrest Carr: “In Search of Robert A. Heinlein”
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D.: “Laning and Starship Troopers
Anonymous by Request: A Recollection of Heinlein in 1958
Bill Patterson: “This is how a Man Lives: Swope Park in 1912 – Not So Much”
Heinlein at the Baen Bar
Space Commercialization Award
U.S.N.A. Heinlein Chair
Graphic Novel Project
THe Heinlein Calendar 2013
Tim Morgan: “Starship Troopers’ Dedication”
Papers: John H. Seltzer, PE “Mary Collin: A Woman Robert Never Forgot”
Bill Patterson. “The Role of Robert Heinlein in the Theorization of Science Fiction”
Ed Wysocki, Ph.D. “No Sympathy for ‘Sympathy for the Devil’”
Bill Patterson. “The Heinlein Century: An Introduction to a Collection that Never Was”
Special Presentation: Heinlein As Character
I John H. Seltzer: “The Resurrection Project”
II Jerry Jewett: “Heaven’s Fugitive: a Review of J. Neal Schulman’s Escape From Heaven” (2002)
III John H.Seltzer: “The Resurrection Project miscellanea: Writings About Heinleinia (Rather than About Heinlein)”
Abstracts & Critiques
Project Moonbase and Others, volume 1 of a projected two volumes of Heinlein’s screenplays reviewed by Bill Patterson
“The Making of a Libertarian” by William Allen Ritch, a review of Robert A. Heinlein In Dialouge With His Century: Learning Curve
The Great Heinlein Mystery 
by Edward Wysocki, Ph.D., reviewed by Bill Higgins


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