Issue No. 04 January 1999 44 pages


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Letters: Kevin B. O’Brien, Erratum, John Tilden
Leon Stover, Ph.D., Litt. D, “The Forrestal Lecture”
Edward M. Wysocki, Jr., Ph.D. “A Source for Heinlein Character Names”
James Gifford: “Heinlein’s Wartime Book Reviews”Papers:
Joseph T. Major: “Robert A. Heinlein’s Second Future History”
Robert G. Kennedy III and Brad Linaweaver: “Three Perspectives on Tramp Royale
Bill Patterson: “A Study of ‘Let There Be Light’”
Bill Patterson: “A Study of ‘Elsewhen’”
Panel: “Are We There Yet?” (Part 4)
Abstracts & Critiques: Phillip Owenby: “Silent Partner: The Power Behind the Throne”


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