Issue No. 07 July 2000 48 pages


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James Gifford: “The Last Boy Scout: Variations in ‘A Tenderfoot in Space’”
Internet Heinlein Readers’ Group: “Starship Troopers — The Movie”
David M. Silver: “Finding What Spoiled Maureen, or, Using the Internet to Supplement Enjoyment of a Heinlein Reading”
John C. LeGere: “Navigators: Starman Jones and Life on the Mississippi
Edward Wysocki: “Heinlein’s Kamikaze Project and Caleb Laning”
Bill Patterson: “A Study of ‘If This Goes On–‘””
Abstracts & Critiques: Leon Stover, ed. H.G. Wells When the Sleeper Wakes ; James Gifford: Robert A. Heinlein: A Readers’ Companion ; Bill Patterson: “The Heir of James Branch Cabell”


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